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Glo Balls Set

* Today’s latest and greatest craze in billiard entertainment is Glow Billiards!

* Using a black light system with these balls will create an Amazing, Eye-Popping effect!!

* Our proprietary resin combined with UN was specifically designed by our experienced R&D team to create an amazing glow that will astonish your sense of vision.

* All balls are regulation size and weight, so they are Perfect for regulation tournament play even without the use of a black light system.

* Great for family entertainment, Excellent Party idea – Perfect for all occasions!

* All balls in the set are Regulation Size and Regulation Weight for tournament play

Set of 16 (15 + Cue Ball)
Glo Balls Set
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Item Name:Glo Balls
Item SKU:1100
Set Price: $ 128.51
Total: $ 128.51
Made in the U.S.A.

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